About LaBase RendezVous

LaBase RendezVous fully automates appointment scheduling, from importing your customer list to online live updated schedule and appointment confirmation.

LaBase RendezVous is tailored for the Publishing Industry and Book Fairs

The Full Scheduler Manual is here.

Current Version

  • As of January 2018, LaBase RendezVous is in stable v1.0 version. The beta was launched in October 2016.

  • The Owner hereby disclaims any responsibility for disruption of service, data accessibility or loss.

  • You can report bugs or any comments to us via our contact page.

How It Works for Attendees

  • An Attendee is someone who receives an appointment request through LaBase RendezVous.

  • You don’t need to do anything in terms of account creation, etc.

  • If someone requests an appointment with you, you’ll receive an email with a link to follow, which will automatically log you into LaBase RendezVous.

  • You will then be able to access the live updated schedule of the person requesting an appointment with you.

  • Click on the suitable slot for you, and the meeting is automatically confirmed for scheduler and attendee, who will then both receive a confirmation email.

  • You can access your schedule with all appointments arranged through LaBase RendezVous (Dashboard Page/List of fairs/View Schedule).
    You cannot add nor edit manual appointment as an Attendee. If you wish to, you need to upgrade to a Scheduler's account.

  • You can log again into LaBase RendezVous by following any of the account link in the emails sent by us.

  • That’s it, really! LaBase RendezVous is designed to keep everything as simple as possible.

How It Works for Schedulers

The Full Scheduler Manual is here.
A Scheduler is typically a Rights Seller (but LaBase RendezVous also works for Buyers), who wants to arrange fair appointments with his customers, through LaBase RendezVous.

    Main Features:

  • Import the list of customers you wish to meet (with an Excel spreadsheet or manually).

  • Just push a button and the website will send email appointment requests to your customers.

  • Through the personal and direct link provided in the email, customers access your live-updated schedule, where they can see available slots. Customers only need to click on the suitable slot to confirm the appointment. Both scheduler and attendee receive email confirmations

  • Advanced Features:

  • Manage your schedule easily : days, times, blocked slots. Define VIP customers that have access to VIP-only slots

  • Manage your customer list : import customers on-the-fly, set up VIP customers, custom durations of appointments.

  • If someone else is in charge of appointments scheduling, you can set up delegates, both for schedulers and attendees. Works for co-agents.

  • Cancel or re-schedule appointments with a few clicks.

  • Chase appointment requests that haven’t been scheduled yet.

  • Export your schedule to Excel.

  • Works for Teams : shared appointments, shared schedules, shared lists of customers.

  • Works both for Rights Sellers and Buyers (Schedulers are typically Rights Sellers in our Publishing Industry).

The Full Scheduler Manual is here.

Data, Privacy, GDPR

  • We primarily are Publishing Professionals, just like you. We're not Google nor Facebook nor even Calendly and the like. Therefore your data is your data and will remain so: we will never use your data, and of course will never sell or trade it in any way. We might only use overall data only for internal statistics.

  • Our app is fully secure, continuously backed up, and GDPR compliant.


  • LaBase RendezVous is and will be forever free of charge for Attendees.

  • LaBase RendezVous is free for Schedulers for 1 (one) Fair or Event. This free trial enables you to use the platform with a Scheduler account with all available features.
    Just drop us an email and we'll create or upgrade your account.

  • Current Pricing is as follows. You will have 2 options:
    - per fair/event: 99 euros per person per fair/event
    - per year: 249 euros per person for 12 months, with unlimited number of fairs/event per year (including custom fair or trips/events)

    Discounts apply for several accounts from the same company/group (confirmed at the same time):
    - 3 to 5 users: 10%
    - 6 to 9 users: 15%
    - from 10 users: 20%

    Special Discounts for Very Small Companies (2 persons or less) and customers of our other apps (LaBase Rights and LaBase Royalties)
    No applicable VAT, except for French companies.

About Us

LaBase RendezVous is an original creation by LaBase Labs. We are based in Descartes, Loire Valley, France.

We are Publishing Rights Professionals, who tend to be super lazy, and therefore looked for a way to simplify Book Fair Appointments. We tried a lot of scheduling tools available on the web, free or not, and couldn't find something really suitable. That was pretty frustrating, so we decided to build our own tool.

That's how LaBase RendezVous was born!

We also conceive and Apps for the Publishing Industry: LaBase Royalties (Automate authors sales statements) and LaBase Rights (Full Foreign Rights and Coeditions Management).

We develop with Ruby on Rails framework.

Legal Mentions

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Owner: Mr. Phi-Anh Nguyen, +33 9 67 08 04 98‬, phianh@labase-rendezvous.com
RCS Tours 905 347 431
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